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The prospect of having to replace a carpet is a daunting one

Before you even look at the cost, you have to consider where you will put all your furniture, and how you will live without being able to use, or even get through, parts of your home. Mrs. Downing was faced with just with problem. But instead of forking out for a full replacement, she got in touch with Shaun.

Cleaning Pro’s professional cleaning services take away the pain and cost of having to replace your beloved carpets. As you can see here, our powerful steam wand cuts straight through dirt and grime, resorting your floor to its former splendour. We offer a courteous service, making sure that we can turn up at a time that works for you, and taking care of your home at every stage. On top of that, we do all the heavy lifting for you. As we can clean half of a room at a time, we are able to rearrange the furniture around our cleaning as we go. As our equipment gets your carpets cleaner and drier than inferior equipment, you will be able to put your rooms back to full use in a very short space time.

Mrs. downing was delighted with the results we achieved, saving a a great deal of hassle and money. It’s leaving our customers with genuine happiness with our work that keeps us doing what we do.

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October 21, 2016

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