Restaurant Carpet Cleaning in Sheffield


Restaurant floors have it tough

A high level of foot traffic, constantly moving furniture and the inevitable spillage of food and drink can take its toll on a restaurant carpet. In this particular Sheffield establishment, the carpet was not looking it’s best, but the prospect of replacing it, at a cost around £3,000 was far from appealing. Not to mention the hassle of taking the whole floor out of action to get this done.

What can you do in this situation? Call a professional carpet cleaner! Our high power, hot water extraction, van mounted, steam cleaning system enables us to get the fantastic results you hope for when you hire a pro. Not only do we offer a truly professional, efficient cleaning process, the heat and suction of our kit leaves your carpets drier, significantly speeding up drying times compared to inferior systems. As a result, you can have your business running on its usual schedule straight away.>

Restaurant carpet cleaning services in Sheffield areas

Combining our experience, high-grade professional carpet cleaning equipment and our passion to provide a second to none carpet cleaning service for homeowners and businesses in the Sheffield community, we’re able to leave your carpets looking cleaner, smelling fresher and even lasting longer, all with minimum disruption and at a fraction of the cost!

So, if you’re the owner or manager at a local restaurants and you’re looking for a highly trained and locally trusted provider that offers restaurant carpet cleaning services in Sheffield areas, you’re in good hands with the technicians at Cleaning Pro.

Get in touch to find out how our commercial carpet cleaning service can give your premises a new lease of life.


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October 21, 2016

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