Anti-Stain Protection

Cleaning Pro offer Scotchguard Protection, used by retailers of carpets and furniture to protect from stains.

Scotchguard Carpet Protection, when applied properly, reduces the impact of spills and stains while offering protection from soil.

It is important to remember that anti-stain protection does not prevent all stains, but it does give you a chance to mop the spill up before it becomes a permanent feature of your carpets or furniture.

No protector will prevent a carpet from soiling, but aside from giving some level of protection from liquid spillages, it should also aid the surrender of dry soil to the vacuum cleaner. Because it is not armour-plated, abrasive soils will still penetrate the protective coating of any protector.

Please note that not all types of carpet stains can be removed, but we do have an 85% success rate, which is the same as most insurance companies. It is important when attempting removal to get there as quickly as possible since the sooner the carpet stain is treated, the higher the success rate.

If you have any questions about our anti-stain protection service, please get in touch with our friendly service team on 0114 2854 687 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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