Dry Carpet Cleaning

As well as the more commonly used Hot Water Extraction method of carpet cleaning, we also offer dry carpet cleaning or Very Low Moisture (VLM) techniques.

  • Carpets deep cleaned rather than chemical cleaned
  • Carpets & upholstery professional steam cleaned by our truck-mounted cleaning system.
  • No sticky residue
No chemical odour
  • Carpets are cleaner and left far drier.

This service is mainly tailored towards specific types of carpets like  sea grass and sisal, because these materials would be damaged by HWE cleaning. This type of floor care is considered to be more environmentally friendly because less water and energy are used in the process than with Hot Water Extraction.

The dry carpet cleaning process begins with ‘dry granules’ being spread over the carpet or rug, which are then worked deep into the fibres. Detergent-free cleaning additives and natural solvents absorb dirt and stains and, when they have dried out, they are extracted using a vacuum.

This technique has a few benefits. Firstly, it greatly reduces the risk of shrinkage, so it is often used with expensive rugs. It also mitigates against the risk of damaging carpets that were fitted with water-sensitive glue, or humidity-sensitive areas like double floors. Even though the Hot Water Extraction method boasts fast drying times, this technique requires no drying time at all! Because of this it might be the prefered cleaning method in businesses with long or 24-hour opening times.

Here at Cleaning Pro we are fully committed to providing our customers with an excellent level of service, and this includes being able to provide different carpet cleaning techniques so we can use the one that is best suited to your needs. We  keep as up to date as possible with industry trends to ensure you get outstanding results every time. We help many homes and business in the Sheffield area get the most from their carpets and upholstery, so give our experienced team a call on 0114 2854 687 to find out how they can help you.

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