Makeup stain removal in Sheffield


When Mrs. Dobbs came home and found that her daughter had dropped make up on her bedroom carpet while getting ready to go out she was not best pleased.

But as you can see, we were able to smooth things out and restore this very light coloured carpet to it’s proper standard. Using various products to break down the stain, we then used another solution to aid the colour removal. This is thoroughly rinsed with water. This sort of case always calls for careful analysis of the cause of the stain, and the selection of the most effective agent for removing it based on its chemical composition. Makeup is designed to withstand moisture, so water and household cleaning products are far from likely to improve the situation. In fact, scrubbing a stain such as this can often make things worse. Please take care before trying this at home and if in doubt, call a Pro.

The process we use at Cleaning Pro for removing tough stains like this will always vary but they do have one thing in common – time is of the essence. The sooner we can treat the issue the more likely the chance we can get you the best results. Even in seemingly dire situations, we often surprise our customers with our fantastic stain removal service. This is no easy task, being too aggressive, using overly strong chemicals such as bleach or agitation that is too vigorous can also do more harm than good. The approach we take to dealing with also has to take into account the nuances of the surface from we are trying to remove the stain. Our vast experience and consideration for your household means we can deal with all sorts of unusual and unexpected situations such as this one, and alleviate the stress of potentiality having to replace the whole carpet.

As you can see the stain is gone and Mrs. Dodds was delighted with our service but probably not with her daughter.

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October 25, 2016

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