Carpet cleaning for pet owner in Sheffield

carpet cleaning services in sheffield

Pets can be a great addition to the family, but they can take up a bit of time and effort.

Here at Cleaning Pro Sheffield, we deal with unique jobs on a regular basis. In this particular case, our customers loveable hound had made an unexpected amount of mess. Unfortunately, the owner was not immediately aware of the situation either and was seriously concerned about the long term impact on the carpet.

It’s always best to treat such situations as soon as humanly possible, and we will always go that extra mile to make sure we can help you deal with any such accidents in a timely manner, as we know this will help us get the best results. On the bright side, we were still able to make things much much better much to home (and pet) owner’s relief sorting out both the mess and odour by cleaning deep into the pile of the carpet.

We often deal with the little accidents that pets unwittingly contribute to carpets. And there are several highly important aspects to consider. Firstly, health and safety is of the highest important. We only use tried and tested products that we know to be safe. Our many years in the carpet cleaning trade have made us acutely aware of the concerns our customer have of harmful chemicals, so we take great care in selecting the right cleaning product for the right job. This is always an essential part of our work process. We draw on all our training when ensuring that we use the right solution for all kinds of stains.

When cleaning up after this rather mischievous pup, we were able to get great results that were not only safe for humans and animals but also achieved a fantastic clean. We use our sophisticated hot water extraction system to clean deeper. Not only does this enable us to reduce the chances of lingering odours, it also leaves your carpets drier and fresher in far less time. So you and your pets can get back to enjoying your home in as little time as possible.

For help and advice in cleaning carpets in homes with pets, give Shaun a call today.


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December 22, 2016

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