How we make sure you experience the best possible cleaning service

At Cleaning Pro we take pride in offering a cleaning service that is second to none, combining our family-run, friendly nature with great results when it comes to cleaning carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces and more.

Many homeowners and businesses in Sheffield and other parts of South Yorkshire already benefit from our services, but this blog aims to outline what you can expect from us if you’re a new customer.

Firstly, the owner of the business, Shaun Ashmore, is always very hands on, and if you book a clean with Cleaning Pro you are getting his years of training and expertise, and you won’t be fobbed off with an army of new technicians who don’t know what they’re doing! Shaun will put together the best strategy for whatever cleaning needs you have, whether you want a carpet maintenance plan, if you have a nasty stain that needs dealing with or your upholstery needs some professional attention. Like all good cleaning companies, we make sure we know what the job entails before we do it, offering a free quote and a survey if required.

Not only do we want to know what to expect before we start our work so that we can do the best job possible, but we also always make sure we talk our customers through the process, too. We don’t recommend needless extras to increase our margins like some cleaning companies as we place an emphasis on building strong relationships to get repeat business.

We will test your carpets very thoroughly for shrinkage and colour run, assessing the right cleaning process required for each job. We normally use Very Low Moisture cleaning to get excellent results without running the risk of damaging carpets with machines that use high pressure and lots of water. Our process will leave your carpets dry and ready to use again in rapid time, minimising the disruption to you and your business. Unlike many cleaning companies, we don’t mind moving furniture as we go, saving you the trouble of transporting settees and chairs to other parts of the house before we arrive!

If you want to book a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today and look forward to a brighter, cleaner future for your home or business!

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