How to look after your marble floor

Marble is a naturally beautiful stone, and if you have any in your home, you’ll want to keep it that way. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help you look after your marble floors.

Vacuum or sweep regularly

If you only do this once a week, it’s not enough! Not only is dirt and hair left on the floor unsightly, but these kinds of materials can become rubbed against the surface of your floors, particularly under foot. This is a particular issue with marble because it is easily scratched compared to other hard surfaces.

Use padding under chairs and table legs

This is essential if you want to avoid scratching your marble- moving sharp-edged objects over this type of floor can easily damage it!

Don’t use vinegar or bleach

To clean your marble it’s best just to use use a natural, light soap or marble cleaner once in a while, or warm water more regularly. If dust or other debris has accumulated on your countertop or floor, dilute a gentle dish soap in a little warm water and use a soft cloth for cleaning. While some people may suggest using stronger chemicals, the reason they give the impression of a thorough clean is that they are stripping away the natural stone which is not what you want.

Wipe it dry

You shouldn’t leave pools of water to dry on marble countertops or floors- even in a well ventilated room- as this could end up leaving a stain. Use a second dry, soft cloth to dry the surfaces after they’re clean.

Clean up stains quickly

You would rather spill some orange juice or wine on a hard surface like marble instead of on your carpets, but these kinds of liquids can still stain if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Even none liquids like cumin, curry powder, coffee grounds, and leafy greens should be swept up right away if they are spilled because they contain strong pigments.

A professional can help restore your marble

If you have any scratches or your marble has started to look dull, Cleaning Pro is here to help! With our attention to detail, training and superior equipment we can put the shine back into your hard floors. Please give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote.

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