Cleaning your home for Christmas

The run up to Christmas is our busiest time of the year, so book early to avoid disappointment!

With family spending more time at home and festive celebrations coming up, now is the perfect time to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned. Bacteria and allergens get trodden into your carpets over time and this can be a particular problem in autumn and early winter as the amount of mud and fallen leaves on streets and roads increases. There are all kinds of foreign bodies that can be brought in from outside on clothes or under foot which can trigger allergic reactions in certain people. Allergens can live for up to three months and not even regular vacuuming will tackle the problem when they have been worked deep into the pile.

All sorts of dirt is lurking under the surface layer of your carpets, and this can cause unpleasant odours that you might stop noticing over time, but they probably won’t escape the attention of anyone you invite into your home this Christmas! Lower light levels at this time of year can hide how much dirt is actually in your carpets. Dust mites that live beneath the surface of the carpet feed off the dirt and grime that falls into the carpet every day, and the grime itself gets so embedded that eventually the base of your carpet will begin to disintegrate. This is why carpet retailers recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year- if you don’t do this you might end up having to pay much more for expensive replacements.

At this time of year carpets are even more difficult to dry after they’re cleaned, making it even more important to get a professional in. If carpets don’t dry properly it can lead to mould growth or shrinkage, but the technique we use- hot water extraction– boasts extremely fast drying times along with the deepest clean available on the market.

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