Carpet Cleaning Tips & Advice

Tips for Cleaning Carpets

  • Regular vacuuming Over 70% of dirt in your carpet is loose dirt which can be vacuumed up. This also stops premature wear and stops oils from building up and attracting more dirt.
  • Always test fabric before using a carpet cleaner to see how the fabric reacts. Some lose there colour.
  • Treat stains or spills immediately. The longer you leave a stain, the longer it will have to chemically react with the fabric, making it harder to remove.
  • Always use cleaning agents designed for the specific task. We can supply these.
  • Start with the mildest solution possible and work your way up. Never use harsh chemicals (bleaches e.t.c.). If in doubt call a professional.
  • To clean a carpet, don’t use supermarket cleaning agents.
  • Blot stains with warm water until no moisture is left. If the stain is still present re-apply water and blot gently. Avoid rubbing.
  • Never over-wet a carpet or fabric. Without an extraction machine over-wetting can cause browning, shrinkage, ring marks and other nasty side effects

Carpet Cleaning Solutions South Yorkshire:

  • Non-toxic carpet cleaning, safe for children and pets.
  • Non-resoiling carpet cleaning.
  • Enzyme-free carpet cleaning.
  • Bacteria-free carpet cleaning.
  • Odourless carpet cleaning.
  • Solvent-free carpet cleaning.
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